Direction of work.

The content of my work is about body language where facial expression, and posture, express traits of a person’s mood and personality.  It considers different ways of observing, being able to express personality traits and psychological states, and to acheive more sense of aesthetic energy rather than merely achieving a likeness.


I like its unique challenges regarding observation, experimentation, dedicated brush mileage, and the nature of self directed study, providing a lifelong journey, and the joy of building on small successes discovered from numerous mistakes.


Virgil Elliot, (2007), Traditional Oil Painting, says “ the essence of this study cannot be taught adequately but only learned by individuals possessing all the right mental equipment necessary to grasp it, along with the obsession and dedication to study it until it is mastered.  It is an area that cannot be conveyed in books or college courses.  One must observe and gain insight into living people in real life, as well as study great works of art and utilize insight to convey whatever you wish to convey by means of body language in your subjects."


As for process, I'm a linear painter and like working along the boundary between representation and abstraction, building on a found beauty, that emerges from a myriad of ambiguous linear structures.

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