Head Study, Oil on canvas, 16 x 16 inches.

I'm a Nottinghamshire born artist graduating with a first class B.A. Honours degree in fine art, B.A. Art History,  Master of Education, Further Education Teaching Certificate, and studied Classical Realist Painting with the Scottsdale Artists' School, Arizona.


I like capturing body language to create imaginative narratives that evoke feeling, curiosity, and invite reinterpretation.  I have a passion for craftsmanship and study Victorian painters, especially, John Waterhouse, James Guthrie, and Stanhope Forbes, and techniques of later artists suach as William Coldstream and Euan Uglow.


I like creating a sense of aesthetic energy by constantly re-editing and controlling mistakes, discovering things that cannot be taught between representation and abstraction, to evoke feelings beyond the mundane. 


Virgil Elliot, (2007) Traditional Oil Painting, says, "the essence of this study cannot be taught adequately but only learned by individuals possesing all the right mental equipment necessary to grasp it, along with the obsession and dedicatiion to study it until it is mastered.  It is an area that cannot be conveyed in books or college courses.  One must observe and gain insight to convey whatever you wish to convey by means of body language in your subjects."


Most of my work is inspired from seeing Breton dance troops preparing to perform at dance festivals in Brittany.  I also have a model for direct work and make paintings from sketches and photographs. I also like studying body language of people in public places.


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