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Side Door Studio

About - Bernie.


Bernie is an award winning contemporary painter working at the Side Door Studio, on the Welsh border, in Shropshire. He is an elected member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, winner of the RBSA national first prize, and national GMC Trust award. 


His work is exhibited at:

The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists,

The Imagine Gallery, Long Melford, Suffolk,

The Artchilli Contemporary Gallery, Shoreditch, London,

Artifex Contemporary Gallery, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham,

and has exhibited at the Bristol, Battersea, and Hampstead Heath affordable art fairs, with the Bridgegate Gallery, Battersea, London, and is supported by Creative Coverage, Southampton.

He graduated with a first class honours degree in fine art, has a degree in art history, Master of Education, and studied Realist Painting with the Scottsdale School of Art, Arizona, and has attended many courses to learn anything about the skill of painting.

Bernie is well known for his large paintings of Breton dancers, with many held in private collections in the U.K. and in France. 

My paintings are mainly of Breton festival dancers in Brittany.  I like capturing the unwitting actions of people doing something, often seen in unusual light, to create dramatic imaginative narratives, that evoke curiosity and empathy, finding unpretentious, sometimes awkward body language, more expressive than anything posed.

I like following French Realism but find problem solving and application of paint more appealing than seeking exactitude.

I practice good craftmanship and only use the best tulip wood stretchers, oil paint, and professional framing, to ensure museum quality.

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